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Friday, July 24, 2009

How to learn any subject?

Know the platform (hardware/software) and the applications 

Acquire various study resources of the subject: 

  •     Internet resources
  •     Books
  •     Product help or documentation 

Study the need and history of the subject 

Identify the category of the subject among the below: 

  • Theory
  • Concept
  • Technology
  • Methodology 

Any subject contains one or more blocks of knowledge:

Block = Knowledge burst + Understanding + Implementation + Exploring/Experimenting 

Theory and concept may have single block of knowledge whereas, the rest may have multiple knowledge blocks. 

While learning a block, there may be few tough parts that one cannot understand immediately. They are called holes. As we are proceeding to study, holes increased. 

Without implementing one knowledge block, if you go to next block, you will find too many holes in it, which finally results to poor understanding on the subject. 

Take gaps between the blocks but not in between one block; other wise it leads to ambiguity of concepts. 

For every three to four months, once we have to recall the subject for not loosing it permanently.

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